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Novalja is a town located in the north of the Pag island in the Adriatic Sea. The city has in recent years become popular because of the nearby beach Zrće, the most famous party beach in Croatia. Novalja has become one of the most desirable destinations for summer vacation for many tourists.

Although it has only a little more than 3,000 inhabitants, Novalja is full of life in the summer. For tourists of all ages there are numerous sports activities, all-day entertainment, restaurants, and a large number of beaches near the town.

In addition to a number of parties on the famous beach Zrće, 10 km from Novalja you can visit the beach Ručica in Matejna village. This is a beach with crystal blue water and an excellent place to get away from the crowds.

To see the entire town, you can use a car or go on foot as it is a small town. There is also a bus line that drives through the city.

Promenade in town has numerous souvenir stalls, food stands, and cafes. The city has several shops and supermarkets that have everything you might need during your summer vacation. Also there is the fish market in Novalja that sells fresh fish daily but you need to get there early because most of the fish is sold early in the morning.

Novalja can be reached directly with the catamaran that goes from city of Rijeka, and if you go by car options are the ferry or the Pag bridge.